Friday, January 11, 2008

Tash Stea

Stash Orange Spiced Tea 100g USD$6.75

Tried this at my grandmothers, the last bag in the box unfortunately. It's a lovely black tea with spicy orange, not like a 'chai' more subtle. I must say I hate it that the word chaiis now used for spiced black sweetened milky tea. Chai just means tea in pretty much every language other than English. The indians call what we call chai, chai masala = spiced tea, which is exactly what it is.

I'm a big fan of Twinings Lady Grey and this is in the same league but obviously without the lemon or flowers and with spice.

I haven't seen this tea in NZ since, my grandma's box was old and the only company that supplies it here wouldn't ship me a box or even tell me where it was sold when they worked out I was an individual rather than a company. A cafe in Christchurch sold it by the cup but didn't sell the boxes, I didn't want to try it for fear of being upset I couldn't get it.

One day I may get a shipment from Stash, they do USD$31 shipping for 2lbs. here so I'd be able to try 9 different teas for that, however that would end up costing US$92 so I think I'll wait till I'm up a few more payscales.

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