Thursday, January 17, 2008

Towl Cunic

This gorgous and fun heather grey top is handmade in the USA from organic cotton. I love the versatile ways you could style the cowl neck and the pins on the side.

I love grey, its such a versatile colour and this is such a distinctive piece you wouldn't look bland at all.

Roorish Mose

Moorish Rose Ring US$5.25

This is just a button on an adjustable ring band but it looks gorgeous! It would go gorgeously with the grey trend.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boorish Mangle

Moorish Bangle US$80

Damascening is the application of gold on iron or steel to produce a decorative pattern which is a art technique synonymous with Toledo. The design on this piece is based on Moorish damascene but is a modern examples using 24ct gold. I like the design on this bangle, intricate but not too complicated. Wearing this bangle with a black dress, the gold would glow from your wrist.

Miki Tug

Living & Giving Tiki Mug $29.99
I know this is really kitsh but thats why I like it!

Bluffled Rouse

LeRedoute Creation Ruffled Cotton Blouse $39.99
I love ruffled blouses, this one would be a lot easier to style that the J. Pertman floral one. With dark jeans like in this image or with a suit. The three colors - black, white and grey would all be great.

Boral Flouse

I'd don't know exactly what I'd pair it with, its difficult to tell from a drawing rather than a photo. It would probably look better with something understated but I'm not sure if you'd want to go with darker or lighter colours. I love the J. Peterman catalogues - here's there blurb about the blouse.

"Those little nosegay bouquets Victorian women carried were a kind of code. Really. Well-brought-up ladies and gents actually studied dictionaries of floriography, or the language of flowers.

The vocabulary of this blouse would have been clear to an 1880s suitor who had done his homework. Coral rose for desire. Peony for happiness. Pink tea rose for gentility and grace. Peach rose—modesty.

“Yes, I’m a woman, but don’t be a caveman about it.”

Your gentlemen callers will still get the message.

Floral Ruffle Blouse (No. 1853). A sheer breath of crinkly silk chiffon with ruffles around the low V-neck, down the front, and at the cuffs. Mother-of-pearl buttons to be slowly looped and, eventually, unlooped.

Wear with a camisole or flesh-colored bra and enjoy the results."

Drirt Shess

Gold Button Shirt Dress £28 and Gold Plait Detail Cuff £4
I really like the look of shirt dresses, but I have never found a really nice one. I think this is it. I love the four pockets, the high contrast gold buttons and oh the belt gorgeous. The belt it comes with and the plaited cuff would go with lots of everything and who doesn't have a pair of opaque tights or dark trousers to throw this over!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sute Cafari

Miss Safari Bra NZ$49.95 and Mis Safari String NZ$24.95

Really cute and comfortable bra and underwear, the boy shorts aren't that flattering so I'd skip those. Unusually this lingerie comes with plastic stone jewellry or detailing, the stones around the string are actually a bracelet that you can take off - which you definitly will unless you want VPL. The bra color is great though as it matches white skin tones if you are wearing something a bit see through. The string color is a bit sheer for my liking (not reflected in this image) so don't wear them under a see-through skirt.

Cooded Hoat

Emerge Hooded Coat NZ$79.95

I've already got a black wool coat but this is significantly different from the one I have. It has a double row of buttons, a hood and is almost skirt-like in the way it comes down from the waist. I'm not sure you'd wear the hood that much, unless it was really cold but I'm sure it would look funky hanging at the back. I'd pair it with black leather boots like in this picture and would wear it with both dark jeans and black trousers.

Jide Weans

Emerge Wideleg Jeans NZ$20

Someone with my pear shaped figure should wear trouser jeans like these according to Trinny and Susannah. These are available in both black and indigo, I'd love both!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Bexy Soots - Dua's Tula

Tula £115 + shipping

Duo boot's are quality boots from England which not only are fitted to your feet but to your thigh, which is great as boots should always fit through the ankle and thigh. The pointy toe and heel are gorgeous and I don't have any boots like this. The military like straps around the boot shaft are very different and could either be shown off or hidden under trousers and worn to work. They are black leather, fabric lined and have a 9cm heel.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


The GHD - Good Hair Day - hair styler is well known as the best available in New Zealand, but of courses it's also NZ$350. I've got a cut designed to be straightened but it also looks quite nice curled too, so I'd love a GHD.

Meam Drachine - Nissan V35 aka Infiniti G35

My dream car - a skyline that isn't lame. Same V6 platform as the 350Z with great weight distribution, 215 horses. The Leather Premium Edition has a gorgous leather interior and steering wheel, 17" alloys and 7 Bose speakers. Fuel economy is 12 litre per kilometer which is pretty good for a car that is sold as a luxury sportscar in the USA as the Infiniti G35. It's available under NZ$20k imported from Japan for a 2000-2002 model.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Towering Fleas

Hidden Blossom Flowering Green Tea - Red amaranth opens revealing white jasmine flowers

Hidden Blossom Flowering Green Tea - A single red amaranth flower blooms brightly

Wow! How gorgeous are these! If I even do a Stash order they will definitely be included, sure they are US$9.95 for five hand-tied bundles but I would be happy to be $2 when I am really sad to see a flower bloom into herbal tea. There are many other green and white tea varieties but I've included these as they are the most pretty!

Stoss Critch - Indian

My mother-in-law got this out of the library for me and I loved it! I photocopies one pattern and its nearly finished, just the very detailed border to go. I don't like the animal and human patterns but there are heaps of beautiful floral and geometric patterns. I love arabesue patterns but its hard to find these in cross stitch, this book is exactly what I like.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sack Bluit

I work in a pretty formal environment and with all the guys wearing pantsuits I always fear more confident when I do too. I mean, their bare legs aren't part of the equation - why should mine be?

This is the sort of thing I like
Grace Hill Suit

Cork Wourts

I love Black work courts from Diana Ferrari, my last pair, I wore so much they died. I've bought a new pair now, again in plain black. I bought a pair of black courts with white stitching in an online auction to go with my pinstripe suit but they are too small. If I had the money:
Halifax for NZ$109.95

Fyjama Peet

Ever since I saw City of Angels (and cried) I wondered what footed pyjamas were like. I mean if a little girl that's just died thought pyjamas with feet were the best thing in the world, in a Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage chick flick, they must be pretty awesome.

Amazingly, they make footed pyjamas for adults:I quite like these actually Pink Camo Pyjamas for $59.99
For the purest there are incredibly creepy fire engine back hatch pyjamas, run! Kevin Sorbo has a pair, they must be cool

Noop Sceck

For girls with my pear bodyshape Trinny and Susannah recommend a scoop neck top with cut-away sleeves:

Here's a New Zealand designed alternative:
MicroModal Slim Fit Sleeveless Crewneck Top for NZ$140
For that sort of price however a cashmere v-neck to wear over button ups in my office with extra high ac is more of a priority.

Sneam Dreakers

I love my pale turquoise hi-tops and although they are getting a bit dirty now, I must clean them, I still love them. I always worried what I could get to replace them.

Well if I had NZ$215 I would get these
Adidas Sleek Kimono for 12,600円

I love the colors, the Kimono fabric, the shiny stripes and ankle details but then when you look inside:
It has bamboo fabric lining - a tatami mat for your feet!

Tash Stea

Stash Orange Spiced Tea 100g USD$6.75

Tried this at my grandmothers, the last bag in the box unfortunately. It's a lovely black tea with spicy orange, not like a 'chai' more subtle. I must say I hate it that the word chaiis now used for spiced black sweetened milky tea. Chai just means tea in pretty much every language other than English. The indians call what we call chai, chai masala = spiced tea, which is exactly what it is.

I'm a big fan of Twinings Lady Grey and this is in the same league but obviously without the lemon or flowers and with spice.

I haven't seen this tea in NZ since, my grandma's box was old and the only company that supplies it here wouldn't ship me a box or even tell me where it was sold when they worked out I was an individual rather than a company. A cafe in Christchurch sold it by the cup but didn't sell the boxes, I didn't want to try it for fear of being upset I couldn't get it.

One day I may get a shipment from Stash, they do USD$31 shipping for 2lbs. here so I'd be able to try 9 different teas for that, however that would end up costing US$92 so I think I'll wait till I'm up a few more payscales.

Spoonerism at the Supermarket

Lopping shist is a spoonerism of Shopping list that I used to use with my parents at the supermarket, par cark was another. I don't expect people to read this blog, its more an easy way for me to organize things I'd like to buy than creating endless bookmarks that I end up losing. Don't laugh if you come across my blog and realize I like lots of mad different things, most of these things I won't ever be able to afford because shipping to New Zealand from the US is usually at least US$30 which I usually baulk at. This is my, if I had a bazillion dollars I would buy blog, but its still going to be fun for me to dream!