Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tavy Nunic

Navy Blue Long Sleeve Tunic with Copper Embroidery now on Sale
Navy Blue Long Sleeve Tunic with Copper Embroidery for USD $35.20

I love tunics and this one would be great for both casual and semi-casual days at work. I love the modest length and the cute reference to Indian embroidered fabric.

Murple Poons

Victorian Purple Moons Porcelain Necklace
Victorian Purple Moon Porcealain Necklace for $26

I love purple and moons are so beautiful so I love this necklace. Etsy sellers sometimes choose weird necklaces in my opinion to go with lovely pendants but I love this choice.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Far Stace

Bismillah's Little Star Earrings for USD$20

These are gorgeous dangly earrings with a star shape in vermeil with a little aquamarine rondelles to balance out the gold color. They are so beautiful, I'm generally pretty conservative with earrings but I love these.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Both Clag

Plenty by Tracy Reese Linen Tote for USD $185

Gorgeous and really really expensive, sort of reminds me of the Djene mud mosque, Indian bindi patterns and the minarets on the The Mosque of Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad in Cairo.

Bote Nook

Nature exploration agate notebook (4.5" x 6.5") with scalloped edges for USD $13.50

Wow this notebook is really gorgeous. I sometimes write a journal but up to now I've used an ugly 1B5 exercise book that cost about a dollar. I've never found a note book I really liked but this is gorgeous. The agate print in silver is so pretty against the really dark book and the recycled component to the book is a plus.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jin Packet

Oasis Pinstripe Contrast Jacket at ASOS for £52

I was just saying today that I wanted a casual jacket rather than a suit jacket to wear to work on casual Friday. This would be perfect! I love the sort of take off of the traditional thin white on black vertical pinstripe.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ranc Blose

Tiny Vintage Rose Earrings - Ships 5/5
Tiny Vintage Rose Earrings for USD $18

I don't like most studs, in fact I don't have any and I'm pretty unoriginal with earrings, I love my thicker gold hoops and don't wear anything else. I could definitly wear these lots, maybe with a fresh water pearl necklace.

Docket Poll

Antique Key Dress - Linen

Antique Key Dress Linen for USD $30

This is the only baby doll top that I've seen with pockets that I like. I love the screen printing, its so antiquey.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Drulip Tess

J. Perman's Tulip Print Dress for USD $219

This dress is so spring and its beauty has sprung upon me. I love how J. Peterman clothes are so vintage but I can imagine wearing them.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Druffle Ress

BCB Generation's Ruffle Front Dress USD $124

This dress is just gorgeous. The ruffles are almost fish like and the buttons are so retro. I wouldn't wear it by itself as its booty-flashing terriroty. I would wear it in a less body fitting size over white wide leg trousers.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sandelion Deeds

Supermaggie's Seeds Long Sleeve Tee in Asphalt for USD $40

I love this shirt, it is so gorgeous. I can't help but liking slightly quirky screen printed tees although I'm no fan of shouting words or wearing 'vintage' tees which were purchased new last week.

This screenprint is available on a range of tee styles, tanks, thermals, hoodies, in different colors and on both organic and non-organic cotton and polycotton.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bake Snangle

ASOS' Snake Print Bangle for £8

This bangle is so funky, its really different - I've seen lots of snake patterns on other things but not bangles. Would you like a snake wrapped round your wrist?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Petal Meeps

Franco Sarto Culture - Grey Suede/Metallic Kidskin for USD $88.95

These patterned shoes create an optical illusion, the silver triangles look almost like raised studs.

Pair them with some great socks or stockings:
American Apparel's Solid Thigh-High Socks in Taupe for $15

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wheated Plite

ASOS' Pleated Tiered Cami Dress for £35

This dress is so sweet, its innocent and flirty with a retro vibe. I have no idea what I would wear it to, in white its almost lingerie-like but I love it.

Bimono Kangle

ASOS' Trapped Fabric Bangle for £6

Cherry blossom in Osaka, on your wrist.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Brute Colly

Twin Armada's Clear Umbrella for USD $25

If your wearing a cute outfit, don't hide it with a plain black umbrella.

Nobstopper Gecklace

Asos' French Connection Semi-Precious Ball Necklace for £20

This reminds me of a shiny strawberry gobstopper! It would really pep up any outfit with a sort of immature charm.

Got Knold

ASOS' Knot Detail Bracelet for £6

This bracelet is so cute and funky. Suits the nautical trend really well but will also look nice with your little black dress or over a skin tight long sleeve shirt.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Felly Jish

Sapphire Square's Jellyfish Earrings for USD $12

Makes me think of Spongebob Squarepants!

Truit Frinsane - Carribbean Crush

t Leaf T's Caribbean Crush Fruit Tinsane for NZD $13.90

Very pretty fruit tinsane, smells like apple, pineapple and coconut but major flavour are the base ingredients of hibiscus and rose-hip peels. I like it with sugar, I will try making it as Iced Tea in the weekend.

Jide Weans - White

ShopBop's Hudson Wide Leg Jean in White for USD $176

I currently don't own any white pants, but these look so hot I'm almost convinced. They certainly are not reminiscent of white capri horrors.

Bold Gamboo

14k Yellow Gold Bamboo Hoop Earrings for USD $72.24

I bought costume earrings like these today.They go great with a colorful babydoll top over jeans on a lazy Sunday. They aren't phone friendly though, they clank like mad against the receiver!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lurple Pip

Prestige Vinylwear High Shine Lipgloss in Twist for USD $4.50

When wearing purple clothes or purple eyeshadow I always want to wear purple lips too. I know its a bit matchy-matchy but whenever I put on pink or brownish nude I think it looks ok but not quite right. This is the best purple lipgloss I've swatched, it took going outside and looking at it in natural light to see it was the only true purple around, while not being too extreme. I'll go buy it at soon as I walk by a drug-store.

Draupe Tess

Principals Veronic Dress for NZD $129.90

Principals dresses are gorgous and fit really well. You could wear this over black leggings/skinny trousers and shiny taupe flats or wear it out with sky high patent heels.

Brushi Sacelet

Mini Sushi Roll Bracelet for USD $25

This is amazingly cute! There are more food based jewelry available by Amy Secrest but these are my faves, they are simple and unusual without being over the top or weird.

The Stripe Stuff - Spoonerising alliteration is no fun

My Shape's The Stripe Stuff has Lauren Hansen's Striped Scoopneck with Self Belt for USD $92 matched with ISDA & CO's Wide Leg Trouser for USD $172.

My Shape is a pretty innovative site that combines your body measurements to categorise you as one of their seven body shapes and clothes are suggested to you based on that shape.

Tear Pemple

T Leaf T's Pear Temple for NZD $8.18

My new friend in the world of tea, earl grey plus some. Black tea flavoured with pear and bergamot, mixed with a few jasmine leaves. I drink this tea before bed very milky and it makes me feel like I'm being hugged.

Boney Hutter

The Body Shop's Spa Wisdom African Spa Honey Butter for USD $22

This got the best reviews on Makeupalley for foot products, so I'll definitly give it a go. I love the packaging and I've heard it smells great!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Turple Pee

BTC Element Tee in Dusty Purple for USD $62

Still loving the purple and this clever screen printed tee has the accessorised look without the bulk, or extra cost!

Xhilaration® Faceted Beaded Necklace - Black for USD $12.99

Love how they've styled this photo too, try this beaded necklace from Target

Shookie Poe

Diana Ferrari Pookie in Aubergine Satin for AUD $99.95

These are absolutely gorgeous, I love purple and in satin its completely luxe. They have a small heel so there is a bit of lift and as Diana Ferrari shoes are very comfortable these are perfect shoes for wearing to a formal event where you have to stand (or dance) for long periods.

Tapanese Junic

J. Peterman's Japanese Tunic for USD$169

I love this tunic its from one of my favourite mail-order companies - J. Peterman

What is wonderful about J. Peterman is their quirky style, not only are the clothes often reminiscent of yesteryear in romantic locales, check out their Out of Africa Line for some options but they have a beautiful catalogue full of drawings and poetic, evocative writing.

Isn't this a wonderful description
"Japanese Print Tunic (No. 2255), from an original found in Florence. Flattering calf-length cut of silk crêpe de Chine with shawl collar, side slits. Just slip on for instant metamorphosis into an exotic and arresting creature."

To get the full look match with Black Silk Pants for USD $129

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Towering Fleapot

Blossom Teapot Set NZD$44.95

It's just so gorgeous as soon as I saw this I had to buy it! A little different from the Stash Flowering Teas but still wonderful.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Towl Cunic

This gorgous and fun heather grey top is handmade in the USA from organic cotton. I love the versatile ways you could style the cowl neck and the pins on the side.

I love grey, its such a versatile colour and this is such a distinctive piece you wouldn't look bland at all.

Roorish Mose

Moorish Rose Ring US$5.25

This is just a button on an adjustable ring band but it looks gorgeous! It would go gorgeously with the grey trend.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boorish Mangle

Moorish Bangle US$80

Damascening is the application of gold on iron or steel to produce a decorative pattern which is a art technique synonymous with Toledo. The design on this piece is based on Moorish damascene but is a modern examples using 24ct gold. I like the design on this bangle, intricate but not too complicated. Wearing this bangle with a black dress, the gold would glow from your wrist.

Miki Tug

Living & Giving Tiki Mug $29.99
I know this is really kitsh but thats why I like it!

Bluffled Rouse

LeRedoute Creation Ruffled Cotton Blouse $39.99
I love ruffled blouses, this one would be a lot easier to style that the J. Pertman floral one. With dark jeans like in this image or with a suit. The three colors - black, white and grey would all be great.

Boral Flouse

I'd don't know exactly what I'd pair it with, its difficult to tell from a drawing rather than a photo. It would probably look better with something understated but I'm not sure if you'd want to go with darker or lighter colours. I love the J. Peterman catalogues - here's there blurb about the blouse.

"Those little nosegay bouquets Victorian women carried were a kind of code. Really. Well-brought-up ladies and gents actually studied dictionaries of floriography, or the language of flowers.

The vocabulary of this blouse would have been clear to an 1880s suitor who had done his homework. Coral rose for desire. Peony for happiness. Pink tea rose for gentility and grace. Peach rose—modesty.

“Yes, I’m a woman, but don’t be a caveman about it.”

Your gentlemen callers will still get the message.

Floral Ruffle Blouse (No. 1853). A sheer breath of crinkly silk chiffon with ruffles around the low V-neck, down the front, and at the cuffs. Mother-of-pearl buttons to be slowly looped and, eventually, unlooped.

Wear with a camisole or flesh-colored bra and enjoy the results."

Drirt Shess

Gold Button Shirt Dress £28 and Gold Plait Detail Cuff £4
I really like the look of shirt dresses, but I have never found a really nice one. I think this is it. I love the four pockets, the high contrast gold buttons and oh the belt gorgeous. The belt it comes with and the plaited cuff would go with lots of everything and who doesn't have a pair of opaque tights or dark trousers to throw this over!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sute Cafari

Miss Safari Bra NZ$49.95 and Mis Safari String NZ$24.95

Really cute and comfortable bra and underwear, the boy shorts aren't that flattering so I'd skip those. Unusually this lingerie comes with plastic stone jewellry or detailing, the stones around the string are actually a bracelet that you can take off - which you definitly will unless you want VPL. The bra color is great though as it matches white skin tones if you are wearing something a bit see through. The string color is a bit sheer for my liking (not reflected in this image) so don't wear them under a see-through skirt.

Cooded Hoat

Emerge Hooded Coat NZ$79.95

I've already got a black wool coat but this is significantly different from the one I have. It has a double row of buttons, a hood and is almost skirt-like in the way it comes down from the waist. I'm not sure you'd wear the hood that much, unless it was really cold but I'm sure it would look funky hanging at the back. I'd pair it with black leather boots like in this picture and would wear it with both dark jeans and black trousers.

Jide Weans

Emerge Wideleg Jeans NZ$20

Someone with my pear shaped figure should wear trouser jeans like these according to Trinny and Susannah. These are available in both black and indigo, I'd love both!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Bexy Soots - Dua's Tula

Tula £115 + shipping

Duo boot's are quality boots from England which not only are fitted to your feet but to your thigh, which is great as boots should always fit through the ankle and thigh. The pointy toe and heel are gorgeous and I don't have any boots like this. The military like straps around the boot shaft are very different and could either be shown off or hidden under trousers and worn to work. They are black leather, fabric lined and have a 9cm heel.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


The GHD - Good Hair Day - hair styler is well known as the best available in New Zealand, but of courses it's also NZ$350. I've got a cut designed to be straightened but it also looks quite nice curled too, so I'd love a GHD.

Meam Drachine - Nissan V35 aka Infiniti G35

My dream car - a skyline that isn't lame. Same V6 platform as the 350Z with great weight distribution, 215 horses. The Leather Premium Edition has a gorgous leather interior and steering wheel, 17" alloys and 7 Bose speakers. Fuel economy is 12 litre per kilometer which is pretty good for a car that is sold as a luxury sportscar in the USA as the Infiniti G35. It's available under NZ$20k imported from Japan for a 2000-2002 model.