Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boral Flouse

I'd don't know exactly what I'd pair it with, its difficult to tell from a drawing rather than a photo. It would probably look better with something understated but I'm not sure if you'd want to go with darker or lighter colours. I love the J. Peterman catalogues - here's there blurb about the blouse.

"Those little nosegay bouquets Victorian women carried were a kind of code. Really. Well-brought-up ladies and gents actually studied dictionaries of floriography, or the language of flowers.

The vocabulary of this blouse would have been clear to an 1880s suitor who had done his homework. Coral rose for desire. Peony for happiness. Pink tea rose for gentility and grace. Peach rose—modesty.

“Yes, I’m a woman, but don’t be a caveman about it.”

Your gentlemen callers will still get the message.

Floral Ruffle Blouse (No. 1853). A sheer breath of crinkly silk chiffon with ruffles around the low V-neck, down the front, and at the cuffs. Mother-of-pearl buttons to be slowly looped and, eventually, unlooped.

Wear with a camisole or flesh-colored bra and enjoy the results."

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